Useful contacts for all participants, organizers and sponsors

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Interactive activities

Involvement of each participant of your seminar or conference in the process

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New tool for online quizzes and prize draws

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The adaptability of the platform

Tibi Life works inside the browser, on any device — be it a PC, tablet or smartphone

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Main features of Tibi.Life

Tests and Surveys

The possibility of establishing and conducting testing and surveys to the audience

Working cases

A tool for teaching the audience with the ability to create your own material in the form of a book, article or just a task for the audience


Maintain an individual approach to each participant of the event using the Feedback tool! And Tibi will help you to collect the necessary information from your audience


During the events, the reporter will collect all the photos from social networks published by the participants with the hashtag of your event. And also introduce participants to each other

Questions to the speaker

Take questions from participants online. Each question will not be missed and will have its own level of relevance to the audience

Analysis and statistics

The platform gives you the opportunity to generate and upload summaries of your activities at the event, be it test results or your personal activity statistics

Advertising platform

Possibility to create personal promo banners both at the event and during the quizzes and drawings

Responsive technical support

Our experts and managers are always ready to answer your questions and assist in the creation and conduct of your training, seminar or intellectual game


Tariff «Starting»

Creation and holding of events

Tests, surveys, presentations

Expanded opportunities for events, statistics

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Tariff «Basic»

Expanded opportunities for events, statistics

7 days free use period to test all features of the platform

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Tariff «Premium»

Expanded opportunities for events, statistics

Branding and integration with your website

The location of the platform on the domain of your company

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Easy to use and user friendly interface

Ability to integrate the platform with your corporate website, branding and placement on your company's domain

Support and assistance in carrying out activities from qualified coaches, marketers and developers

Frequently asked question

We develop TibiLife as a platform for interactive classroom learning ( and more ). It is a very useful tool for coaches and business coaches. With Ti di Life training of employees of your company will be interesting, lively, and fruitful. By conducting your events with The life service, you will fully interact with your audience, while training and receiving feedback from any participant who has a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Conduct Tests, Surveys, Presentations, communicate with the participants of the event! And what is important - you will always be able to get a detailed analysis of the activities, get detailed results of Tests and Surveys.
TibiLife is a tool with which you will be able to carry out your activities, whether it be training, seminar, webinar, conference. With the ability to conduct interactive Tests, Surveys and presentations, you'll be able to interact perfectly with your audience. At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to ask the speaker a question and get an answer firsthand. You can upload the results of the events, analyze them, and be aware of the state of training of the audience as a whole.
You have decided to use the platform for commercial purposes and plan to fully adapt it to your company, to give access to it to your employees or customers. You have the opportunity to get the full version of the platform. For the full version - contact the platform holder. This use may have a fee for user support services and system setup.

With the full version, the following features become available:

  • - Your domain in the platform address
  • - Its design theme focused on your company's brand book
  • - Its background image of the main page of the platform
  • - Your company logo on the entire platform
  • - Round-the-clock support of the platform users
Tibi.Life — это платформа интерактивного взаимодействия с аудиторией. С его помощью обучение сотрудников вашей компании станет интересным, живым, и плодотворным. Проводя свои мероприятия с помощью сервиса Life, вы будете в полной мере взаимодействовать со своей аудиторией, одновременно обучая и получая обратную связь от любого участника имеющего при себе смартфон, ноутбук или планшет.
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